Productivity Improvement 

Herlevi & Co. is improving customers production process based on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), TPM, 5S and Lean methodology and processes.


  • See the bigger picture – Focus on achieving a permanent improvement on productivity
  • Production process optimization and tuning
  • Building a simple and effective production performance measurement system. Online or offline depending on the situation
  • Improving equipment reliability
  • Moving from reactive to predictive maintenance
  • Optimizing your maintenance cost
  • Building an effective multi skilled continuous improvement team
  • Hands on support on problem solving


People Performance Management

Herlevi & Co. has extensive experience of manging people performance.

  • Building lean, innovative and successful organisation
  • How to get best out of people
  • How to build balanced score card
  • How to positively reinforce people
  • How to manage multicultural organisations

Training courses and diplomas completed by Herlevi & Co.

  • eCornell – Change leadership management
  • MIT - Building, Leading and Sustaining the Innovative Organization
  • Aubrey Daniels International  – Applications of Performance Management Technology
  • ABB Top Executive Mentoring Program
  • ABB – Leadership challenge

Field Services and process modifications

We will find an optimum solution on your field service needs.

  • Automation Designing
  • Siemens S5 and S7
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Valmet and Metso DNA
  • InTouch Wonderware
  • ABB 800xA
  • Honeywell
  • FAT and SAT testing
  • Commissioning management and support
  • Start-up supervisior services
  • Maintenance and trouble shooting training
  • On and off-site support
  • Production process bottle necking and trouble shooting + root cause analyis
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic system tuning and trouble shooting
  • Electrical contractor and supervisor rights 1000VAC/1500VDC

Project Management 

Herlevi & Co specialists have years of experience of industrial project management all around the world


  • An effective project management process from feasibility study to production phase
  • Establihing a digital project platform
  • Building a project management team
  • Designing and implementing an effective meeting and reporting structure
  • Managing multicultural project team
  • Making sure that all the project goals are achieved or exceeded

Main project references

  • Boise Cascade J3 – New paper machine, AL-USA
  • Hokuetsu Paper PM8 – New paper machine, Niigata Japan
  • Burgo Avezzano – Paper Machine Rebuild, Italy
  • UPM Grand Rapids – Paper machine rebuild, MN-USA
  • Metsä Board Husum PM8 – Large rebuild. Sweden
  • Chenming Paper PM2 – China
  • Norske Skog PM4 - Rebuild. Austria
  • Hebei PanAsia Longteng Paper (Currently Huatai Paper) PM1- New paper machine. China
  • Myllykoski Plattling (Now UPM) – New Paper machine, Germany
  • April PL12 New pulp mill - Rizhao China

Sales Management and Coaching

Herlevi & Co. has over ten years`experience of international B2B selling in all continents in over 30 different countries with excellent results.

  • Sales strategy with clear objectives
  • Market analysis
  • Pipeline creation and management
  • Player map
  • SWOT
  • Action plan
  • Correct metrics for follow up and motivate your sales force
  • Approaching correct customers and correct way – from shotgun to a sniper rifle approach
  • How to present your case so that it awakens customers interest towards your product.
  • How to do Capture Team Selling for big projects
  • On site coaching – We can be part of your sales team on the field and in the office.
  • How to handle international sales and big cross border sales – cultural differences and networking.


Herlevi & Co. has ten years of experience on business outsourcing and we can ensure that your outsourcing project will be a success either you are selling outsourcing services or thinking about outsourcing some of your business functions.

We will make sure together with your organisation that objectives are selected correctly for long term success.

  • Outsourcing is not product, it’s just a one tool to make a cultural change on your way to do business better. We will make sure, that is tightly linked to other initiatives to change working culture and achieve sustainable results.

We will help you to create a clear and solid communication plan for all stake holders, since good open and honest communication will cut the wings from the rumours before they are even born. 

Reference cases for outsourcing where Herlevi & Co has previously worked

  • Myllykoski Paper - Finland
  • Stora Enso Berghuizer - Netherlands
  • Sappi Cape Kraft – South Africa
  • Nampak – South Africa
  • Stora Enso  – Finland
  • Asia Symbol Pulp & Paper – China
  • Papelera de Brandia – Spain
  • Stora Enso Beihai - China

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